Covid and Long Covid – Personal Testimony from Twitter

I cannot repeat it often enough. Avoid infection. Avoid reinfection.

This is not an analysis of all the research that is currently available on the impacts of Covid on long-term health. The ‘people’ have ‘had enough of experts’ right?* Instead, this is simply a small sample of personal testimony – people who are actually going through this – posted on twitter during May and June 2022. There are many, many more like these.

My thanks to those who shared their stories.

All included with permission.

Avoid infection. Avoid reinfection.

*In case there’s any doubt – no, we have not had enough of experts. We have needed the experts badly. It hasn’t helped that some organisations have given credence to crackpot and unsubstantiated messages. Nor has it helped that some of the ‘experts’ have been subject to pressure from governments to tailor their messages to suit a certain narrative.

We need to stop thinking of Covid as either death or survival.

Avoid infection. Avoid reinfection.


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